You don't need that many books (if you follow through)

“There are many books on money, but you only need one, and you just need to follow it.” That was the advice my wife and I got from award-winning author and investor Jeff Lehman [1].

As I reflect on what Jeff said, I made sure to follow his advice, not only about books on money but on learning in general.

It’s less likely that I’ll need to read more than one book about the same topic if I put into practice what it says.

But too often, even those of us who're in love with learning, we tend to fall short on following through. The moment a book or course challenges us with an exercise or assignment, we skip to the next page or video lesson.

If this sounds like you, try learning less and doing more. If you can't adjust your learning habits on your own, consider getting a coach or signing up for a program. Make sure to get someone that will hold you accountable to do the work.

Start taking action on what you learn, or you'll find yourself going in circles without getting any significant results.


  1. Podcast interview with Jeff Lehman: Tactics to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck