What's a life vision and why you need one

A vision is a mental image of what the future will or could be like. Everything we create, we imagine it first. So to create the life you want, you must imagine it first. A life vision is about imagining what you’re going after and who you want to be.

People who don’t have a clear life vision lack a sense of direction and feel like they’re only passing time in life.

By creating a life vision, you'll have a reference point for knowing why you do what you do. You'll use it to guide you as you set goals and make everyday decisions to live a life with purpose.

For example, let’s say living a healthy life is part of your vision. Then goals you may set up in the present may include losing weight or eating healthier. You may also decide to get a personal trainer or cook more and eat out less.

You can create a life vision through a guided visualization. It’s an exercise that sets the stage and asks you a series of questions to help you imagine your ideal future.