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Laura Espriu is an executive coach, consultant, and speaker who helps women find clarity and confidence by connecting with their strengths.

In the past, Laura has led women’s initiatives at a coaching firm in New York called Beck Global Consulting, she’s served as a Mexican delegate on issues of Gender Equality and Education at a Youth Assembly of the United Nations.

Earlier in her career, in Mexico, she’s held different HR roles running talent development initiatives for companies such as American Express, Dannon, and Televisa.

In this episode, I ask Laura about popular concepts to find and gain more clarity in life such as vision, mission, purpose, and values. How do these concepts fit together? And what are some tactical ways to implement these effectively to live our full potential?

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Show Notes:

Laura's Purpose/Mission/Vision Example

  • Purpose: "To contribute to have a world with more compassionate leaders, activating their strengths, and living their values".

  • Mission: "I help woman to boost their confidence by connecting with their strengths so they can achieve their bold goals."

  • Vision: "To have a world with more woman economically and emotionally independent."


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