Turning your skills into online courses: the value-driven loop

Teaching others what you know is one of the most profitable ways to make money online.

It all starts with one question. How can you position and package yourself, to add value, and put a price on it?

This is the question that led entrepreneur Lewis Howes to create an online empire around what he knows.

As Lewis puts it [1], to best approach this opportunity all that matters first is to work in yourself. Develop new skills, get results, and add value to others.

Second, position and package those skills and results in an online course. Help others understand the value they're getting, and the results they're going to get.

Then, when you're ready to launch, you have an audience to sell, and a message that resonates. So your audience takes action, gets results, and then they tell their friends.

What follows is a value-driven loop. You get more sales, more customers, and more people achieve results. Through the process, you get more experience, better results, and demand higher rates.