Tactics to stop living paycheck to paycheck with Jeff Lehman

Jeff Lehman is a savvy investor, an award-winning author, and a hall of fame member of the UCF College of Business. When he's not sailing, Jeff is mentoring and coaching college students in national and international sales competitions. 

Jeff and I met in my early 20's at a writing software testing event. After introducing myself, he gifted me a copy of his book First Job First Paycheck which from that day on set the path for my personal finances.

In this Episode:

  • What sets self-made millionaires apart

  • Renting vs. buying a house—how to make a decision

  • Should I let a robo advisor manage my investments?

  • How to prioritize savings and investing goals

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jeff lehman with alonso chehade

Mentioned in this Episode

  • First Job First Paycheck, Jeff's best selling book. Easy read, it is like having Jeff coaching you in person. Learn how to get your money to work for you—and not the other way around!

  • Wealthfront, automated investment service. The software uses a quick survey to assess your risk profile. It then matches you with an automatic investment strategy to manage your portfolio.

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