A minimalist approach to self-learning: listen-only mode

A common problem when learning new concepts and ideas with heavy content is falling asleep or getting distracted. That's why sometimes I prefer to just listen.

The key to maximizing reception during long self-learning sessions is to simplify the experience. Unlike other formats, audio requires the least amount of energy from all of our senses to process new information.

In contrast, a video is too demanding because it requires watching and listening. That's why I avoid watching videos unless it's absolutely necessary to understand the material. And while reading does not require listening, we still need to hold a book or scroll down to read more.

The most important thing is that the audio is convenient to consume on the move. It helps maintain high levels of energy and concentration when we combine learning with moderate exercise such as walking or jogging.

Then if you have a high tendency to distract - something common in our increasingly digitized lifestyle - breaking with the computer or mobile screen facilitates concentration.

Listening only works best for self-learning when you do not have to worry about other heavy activities like driving in traffic or crossing streets. Therefore, it is best first to find a safe place where you can spend passively on everything else and simply focus on what you are listening to.