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There are many instances where asking great questions can make a big difference including having better conversations, relationship building, sales prospecting, content creation, research studies, and hiring; among others. Also by being more intentional about asking great questions, it forces you to become a better listener—as to ask great questions, one must be a great listener. 

To learn more about asking great questions and interviewing, I met with Ross Reynolds, the executive producer and senior radio host at KUOW-FM—one of the highest-ranking NPR stations in the country. Ross is the recipient of multiple awards in the radio industry, and in 2015 he was inducted into the University of Washington Department of Communication Alumni Hall of Fame.

In this Episode:

  • Starting a radio program from scratch

  • Looking back: covering 1999 WTO protests

  • Thoughts on the future of radio

  • Tips on conducting great interviews

  • Getting people to open up to you

  • The importance of building trust during a conversation

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Ross Reynolds speaking with the former head of NPR news about the future of radio.

Ross Reynolds speaking with the former head of NPR news about the future of radio.

Fun Facts About Ross

  • Ross got his first paid radio gig after college as the director of a new public affairs program at his college radio station. He had zero experience and no precedent, so he had to pave the way for his program from scratch.

  • Short on money on his 20's, Ross got a nude modeling gig at an art museum.

  • One of Ross's worst interviews included a former corporal in the military who wanted to punch him! Ross never figured out why.

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