Finding New Popular Blog Topics

blog post ideas

To find new popular blog topics, audit the entire blog by category (this is why it is important to organize your blog appropriately). Then to find content gaps, sort your results from the least to greatest number of live posts. The goal is to find topics with the least coverage. To illustrate, based on the example below, objections management is the least covered.

blog categories

Up next—scan all posts about objections management. Then take note of all the preexisting themes and target keywords. In the example below, these include objections response strategy, the why behind objections, and positive and negative customer feedback.

blog posts by category

Then to find new themes and target keyword ideas, run a broad search to audit top results on the topic. In this example, I searched for "objections sales" to scan the web for content that includes both objections and sales. 

search results to find new target keyword

One keyword phrase that caught my attention was "cold calling objections" (see highlighted above). This topic was the first one top pop up as missing from the blog.

But before using it, go to Google's Keyword Planner to figure out if it makes sense to pursue this keyword first. The rule of thumb when selecting target keywords is to choose keywords with three or more words, with low ranking competition, and high traffic. These represent the best opportunity to increase search traffic, which is the case for "cold calling objections" as you can see below.

Then conduct a search on Google for "cold calling objections" to see who's ranking on the top three results for this keyword.

search results for target keyword

The final step is to read through these for reference to come up with a much better post on the topic. The goal is to create a new piece that out-values these three results. After all, the ultimate goal is to get top keyword placement for highest exposure and better results.