When to Use a Period Before a @Mention on Twitter

At some point I did not fully understand what a ".@mention" does, so if you're not familiar with this, then keep reading to improve your Twitter mastery.

So let's jump right into it...

There are two types of tweets that are semi-private:

  1. Twitter replies 
  2. Tweets that start with a @mention

Semi private tweets can only be seen by people who are both following you and the person you mentioned. This feature helps exclude conversations that are not relevant to your followers on Twitter.

How to make semi-private tweets public

To override the semi-private filter, simply add "." before the @mention at the beginning of your tweet. This will make your tweet visible to all your followers. 

Here is an example using the .@mention technique

.@readability app icon disappeared, only accessible through search since #iOS7
— Alonso Chehade (@AlonsoChehade) September 20, 2013