Using social media for your business (without the addiction)

An interesting podcast interview by lifestyle entrepreneur Lewis Howes with author Cal Newport on his new book Digital Minimalism [1]. My favorite part of their conversation was Cal's advice for those who use social media for business.

On the one hand, Cal preaches that we're better off without social media. On the other, Lewis teaches people how to use social media to build and grow their business as he has done for himself. So it was natural that Lewis would ask for Cal’s advice for those who use social media for their business.

Cal's advice is very practical. If it's clear to you that social media is essential for your business, treat it as something important. Use social media like a pro.

Social media pros are not on their phones 24/7 checking their company's social media channels. They use professional desktop tools to manage their social channels to fulfill a business strategy.

So don't use the excuse of using social media for your business to continue to justify your addiction to it. There is no need for you to be doing social media for your business while you're in the toilet, at the dinner table, or in bed.

To make it right for yourself set boundaries or in Cal’s words "put some fences around it." Block time in your calendar to maintain your social media channels, schedule your posts, and use social media management tools to avoid ads and other distractions.


  1. The power of digital detox with Cal Newport