Luis Ortega on overcoming adversity and becoming a leader

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Luis Ortega is well known across different school districts in Washington State for his leadership work with students. He’s a social entrepreneur, an advocate for education equity, and a TEDx speaker. In this episode, we talk about overcoming adversity, leadership, entrepreneurship, how to land a TEDx talk, the power of possibility, and more.

Episode Bookmarks:

- When the teacher is the bully (7:30)
- On becoming a leader (18:11)
- Turning his passion into a full-time business (23:43)
- How to land a TEDx talk (29:53)
- Process for developing first TEDx talk (33:08)
- How "possibility" became an important word in Luis's life (36:08)
- How Luis holds himself accountable to do his best (37:55)

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Fun Facts About Luis

  • Luis was one of the front-line fighters that helped pass HB1079: a Washington State legislation that enabled in-state tuition for undocumented students.

  • It took Luis six months to learn English after moving from Mexico to the USA.

  • Before giving his first TEDx talk, Luis practiced the talk 50 times.

  • Luis's top daily habits include drinking water, yoga, writing and expressing gratitude to someone.

  • is one of Luis's latest projects: an e-commerce solution that aims to close the language gap between English speaking buyers and Spanish speaking sellers—and vice versa.

Luis Ortega running a leadership workshop at Chief Kanim Middle School.

Luis Ortega running a leadership workshop at Chief Kanim Middle School.

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Episode Exercise

Luis is a big proponent of practicing gratitude. So for this episode's exercise, write three thank-you cards to your best friends and tell them why they mean so much to you. Send them old school via snail mail. 

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