Love what you do to end up doing what you love


To "do what you love" for a living, you have to "love what you do." That's a self-evident truth. 

"Loving what you do" is an emotional state in which you operate, while "doing what you love" is the result of it. 

If you're confused about what you're supposed to do with your life, consider just not worrying about it. Instead, focus on the traits and skills that you can develop and carry on along your journey. Let your skills and attributes define who you're—not a job title.

To end up doing what you love, you'll need to:

#1 Be Grateful

Be grateful for the opportunity to work and earn a living. Be grateful that your employer or clients trusted you with their money. Show them that they made the right decision to hire you—every day.

#2 Be Fully Present

Now that you're not feeling sad about the past, or anxious about the future, you're ready to practice being fully present in your work. That means putting your focus, attention, thoughts, and feelings all fixed on all your tasks at hand. 

#3 Spend Time by Yourself

Congrats! You're now making the most of your current professional path. By developing critical skills and traits over time, you’ll gain the leverage you’ll need to pursue different career interests in the future successfully.

The next step is to allocate time to spend with yourself.

Use this time to reflect on your professional journey by taking a deep dive to audit your current interests and skills, and explore potential new opportunities that may be a better fit for what you most love to do.

#4 Repeat

Repeat the last three steps to end up doing something that you love, by loving everything you do. Over time a solid work ethic, a robust set of skills, and a high level of self-awareness will enable you to have an intense enthusiasm for whatever path your journey takes you.