The importance of Grit for sales Success with Ray Makela

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When it comes to successful people, is easy to refer to them as "She's a natural", "He's a genius", or "She's just super talented". But a new book, GRIT by Angela Duckworth, reveals that talent is overrated and that the REAL key to success is passion and long-term perseverance.  

To learn more about grit, I invited Ray Makela, a partner at a top sales training company and co-author of the High Impact Sales Manager.

Building upon Duckworth's findings, Ray has become a leading voice on leveraging sales grit for hiring and creating world-class sales teams—and with over 25 years of sales and sales management experience, he had a lot to add to this topic.

Episode bookmarks:

- Ray on why he joined the US Navy (3:59)
- Grit and "sisu" as a predictor of success (7:30)
- How did you get started in sales? (9:18) 
- Characteristics of a gritty salesperson (11:24) 
- Ray vs. Angela Duckworth on hiring for grit (13:44)

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Fun Facts About Ray

  • As a kid growing up around Lake Washington, Ray wanted to be the next Jacques Cousteau.

  • It wasn't until his freshman year in college that Ray discovered his passion for writing, speaking, psychology, leadership, and personal development through classes he was most enjoying taking at the time.

Ray Makela windsurfing with one of his sons in Hawaii.

Ray Makela windsurfing with one of his sons in Hawaii.

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Episode Exercise

Get your grit scale score here. Then share your score in the comments below and answer the following question. What is something you can do to evolve your passion and perseverance? Be specific.