Ideas to step out of the glowing screen

There is so much time spent in front of a glowing screen that’s unnecessary.

It’s either time spent on activities unrelated to work or mindless entertainment. I’d argue that’s when you’re not in front of a screen; you’re inside of it. 

Here are some ideas to step out of the glowing screen.

  • Choose typing over tapping. The mobile experience leads to procrastination.

  • Choose audio over video. Watch video content only whenever significantly beneficial to learn something. Video is very stimulating and can lead to a craving for consuming more video. That’s why more content creators are pushing videos to get more engagement.

  • Listen to short briefs of the news via podcast episodes. Most news stations have this short format daily audio program.

  • Rely less on a screen for entertainment by experimenting with other activities away from a screen.

  • Transfer any consumption of written long-form content to a Kindle reader. It’s a great way to transfer to a distraction-free environment, and give the eyes a break.

  • Delete email subscriptions you haven’t open in the past 60 days, and schedule time to “process” email.

  • Whenever possible, record recurrent work or team requests tasks to delegate these to a virtual assistant, or save as a resource to enable your team to rely less on you.

Less screen time will lead you to feeling less busy and more mindful to see more, be more, and feel better.