Four sleep habits to win tomorrow

I hate to feel tired, sluggish or irritated. It makes it really hard to focus and very easy to get distracted, which leads to procrastination and feeling more irritated. Not a good cycle.

You feel me?

One way you can ensure feeling great and full of energy throughout the day is by mastering your sleeping habits. Here is a digested list of three recommendations from all my readings about this topic (and doing it):

#1 Maintain a Consistent Sleeping Schedule 

Most adults need at least around 7-8 hours of sleep to feel fully rested. Keeping a consistent sleeping schedule will help you feel exhausted by bedtime and ready to go the next morning.

When going to bed later than planned, don’t sleep in. Wake up at your regular time, and make up for it with a quick 20 minute nap before 4 pm, or by going to bed earlier.

#2 Last Heavy Meal Only 3 Hours Before Bedtime 

Giving your body time to digest the last big meal before bedtime helps you wake up with an appetite the next morning. This is important, as having a big breakfast is important to supercharge your day.

When missing your dinnertime, have a light meal instead. The closer to bedtime, the lighter you should eat.

#3 Screen-Free Zone During Download Time 

One hour before going to bed, you need to drive your body and mind into sleeping mode, so that you’re fully sleep by bedtime. After this point you should avoid any bright lighting, as this can kill your sleep.

Missed your download time?...just make sure you are not on your laptop or watching TV late at night. That’s the takeaway here.

#4 If It Makes Sense, Do It 

Big chance this is not the first time you read about sleeping right. Don't fill yourself with knowledge without putting it into use. If these sleeping tips make sense to you, then just do them.

Hustle for the long term not for the short term. Your body is first, the better your take care of it, the more people you will be able to impact over your lifetime.