From a mid-career crisis to $1m in funding with Nick Martin

Nick Martin on Beyond the Surface Podcast

Nick Martin is a Marketing Vet turned Entrepreneur. He is Co-Founder and CEO of Joe Coffee App—a mobile ordering app for independent coffee shops.

Nick started Joe with his brother Brenden a couple of years ago. As with every startup, they had their fair share of ups and downs to get the company off the ground. Finally in late August of 2018, Joe Coffee raised $1 million in their first funding round.

In this episode, Nick talks about how a mid-career crisis led him to pursue doing meaningful work and entrepreneurship. We dive into his entrepreneurial journey from building a startup while working full time and finding a CTO, to learning about the importance of getting business advisors and managing family expectations.

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Nick Martin with Alonso Chehade on Beyond the Surface Podcast

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