Former Homeless Mark Bennett on Turning His Life Around

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I had the opportunity to attend a fundraising breakfast event organized by The Washington State Opportunity Scholarship on October last year. And even though I was looking forward to the keynote speaker, Best-Selling author Angela Duckworth, the speaker that followed, former homeless turned UW scholar Mark Bennett stole the show for me. 

Mark’s story is pretty incredible. At 17 he became a father, and he was addicted to alcohol and drugs. Fast forward, he ended up homeless and lost custody of his son. But after hitting rock bottom, Mark turned his life around for him and his son, and now he’s working towards getting a Masters in Math at the University of Washington. 

In this Episode:

  • Why Mark wanted to join a gang in middle school.
  • What teachers can do to better support students abusing drugs and alcohol.
  • How young adult shelters are more than just a bed.
  • Mark on choosing a major in math.

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