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Justine Joslyn on Beyond the Surface Podcast

Have you ever struggle with the question, “What’s my purpose?” For many of us, narrowing down on “the one thing” we’re supposed to be, is a never-ending challenge.

That’s why I’m excited about my guest Justine Joslyn. She's a skilled therapist and life coach, and founder of the Self Empowerment Institute. For over 15 years—through her private practice and group workshops—Justine has dedicated her life to helping others develop the confidence and self-discipline required to transform their lives.

I participated in one of Justine’s life coaching workshops a couple years ago and gained new levels of clarity and strength in my life.

In this Episode:

  • How Justine discovered her calling as a professional therapist and life coach.

  • Tools you can use to discover what path belongs to you.

  • Common challenges to accessing your inner voice for self-guidance.

  • The function of passion as it relates to living your purpose.

And much more!

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Justine Joslyn with Alonso Chehade on Beyond the Surface Podcast

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