Direct Link to Request a LinkedIn Recommendation

Someone I partnered with recently asked me to recommend him on LinkedIn in a follow-up email. What caught my attention is a link he included pointing directly to his recommendations page on LinkedIn. Here's what it looks like:

It took me longer than I thought to figure out how to populate this link, so I thought it deserved a quick post.

Here's how to create this link:

Note: I did this in Chrome on a PC. 

  1. On your LinkedIn profile, right click, and then click on "View page source"
  2. Press "Ctrl+f" and in the popup search box type "member"
  3. Then copy your member id located between the quotation marks after memberID:"########"
  4. Then paste it at the end of this link:

Consider using this link to get more recommendations. These can come handy later to feature as social proof in different places to ease the minds of potential prospects. Whether someone is considering hiring you, or buying your products or services.