Can I trust you?

Trust means someone can count on you. It says that when you make a promise or commitment, you keep it.

People who we trust are responsive, honest, objective, and reliable [1]. Here is how these four behaviors manifest in different roles.


It means you respond to your messages or calls within a day. You always tell the truth. During disputes or comparisons, you treat everyone or everything the same. When someone is counting on you with a task, you "do things right" and on time. Or at least communicate when you can't make a deadline.


As a leader you also must be responsive, honest, and objective. But how you’re reliable is different than an individual contributor. Your team is counting on you to assign them with "the right things to do." Everyone should understand how their work fits into helping the organization reach its goals.

Synergy means 2+2=5. Our existence and growth depend on synergy. But without trust, we can't create synergy. You can't break trust, you can only break yourself when you're not trustworthy.

Can I trust you?


  1. Four Behaviors to Building Trust