Building a Prospect List with Sales Navigator

If you haven't played with Sales Navigator yet, it gives you extra features to support sales research, prospecting, and relationship building. 

Lead Builder is the ultimate prospecting tool. The data is always accurate and fresh as it's maintained by Linkedin's users themselves. Here are four features that will help you get the most accurate search results.

#1 Advanced Searches

You can run boolean keyword searches to improve the accuracy of your search results.

There are many search filters that narrow your results to best match your buyer persona. 

#2 Network Paths

Then there are also social filters to leverage your professional connections and company's following. E.g. Prospects that have a mutual connection with you, follow your company, or are connected with someone in your sales organization (TeamLink).   

If you work at a large sales organization TeamLink is a power feature.

It enables you to tap into the professional network of everyone in your team, even if you're not connected with them. Which in such case, it can scale the number of instances where there is someone you can ask for an introduction.

To illustrate, let's take a look at the image below. 

Thanks to TeamLink a salesperson (You) at EZPay discovered that Sarah, an Account Admin in his team, who he's not connected with (2nd degree connection), happened to go to the same University that Noah (the prospect). 

#3 Lead Recommendations

On each lead's profile you also get lead recommendations to support account mapping. Finding other prospects in an account that may also be involved in the buying process.

A Linked Global survey recommends saving at least 10 leads per account for best results.

#4 New Search Results Alerts

Finally, you can save every search. You set it up once. Then every time a user meets your search criteria you get an email notification. 

sales navigator new search matches email notifications

Finding the Best Prospects

To make the most of Sales Navigator, begin building your list in the following order: 

Prospects that match your buyer persona and...

  • are familiar with who you are (1st Connections) 
  • show interest in your company (Company Followers)
  • know someone you know that could make a warm introduction (2nd Connections)
  • know someone in your sales organization that could make a warm introduction (TeamLink Connections)

The best prospecting efforts are relevant and leverage relationships. And this tool allows you to that in a more efficient way.