Newsjacking to Create New Job Opportunities

I got laid off. It was shocking.

So what happened? 

During a company meeting at the end of a high-performing month, all my co-workers and I received the news that we were getting laid off!

There was complete silence.

Despite the financial uncertainty that comes with being unemployed, it was a heartfelt moment to learn that we had to let go of a great product and a great team.

What’s next? 

To search and attract new great job opportunities. Starting with David Meerman Scott's newsjacking technique. Injecting my "employee reaction" to the breaking news (with the company's permission) so that my marketing skills and current job situation get noticed. 

The results

I landed two mentions in Optify's breaking news coverage on GeekWire, a fast-growing technology news site based in Seattle.

Then my LinkedIn profile views skyrocketed and new job opportunities started to pop up. The campaign was a success!