How Interacting on Twitter Got My Mother a Referral

The topic of the ROI of social media always comes up in conversations about digital marketing. Here is a personal experience I wanted to share with you related to that.

Social Awareness Pays Off

I'm huge about expanding my network by attending networking events and participating in various different social channels. Like networking, social media is one of those things that helps my personal and business brand stay in front of my network for referral opportunities. 

Two days ago one of my friends and a relationship that I've been maintaining via Twitter for the past year, saw an influential blogger mom looking for dress for a red carpet event. Because my friend and I follow each other on social, she knew my mother is a re-emerging fashion designer so the first thing that came to her mind was my mother, as you can see below.

This is something that wouldn't have had happened by simply following my friend on Twitter via her handle @UtopiaMediaEnt, but because I took the time to stay in touch and interact with her via social.

Social media was made to interact!

So when it comes to it, is not really about the amount of followers or friends you have online, but about having quality interactions with each of them.

This is why if you approach social to build and maintain new relationships, instead of trying to push your product or service, social media ROI is something that comes naturally.