Great Way to Leverage Twitter for Your Link Building Efforts

Recently an article titled "What VCs Want in a Marketing Exec" caught my attention. So I read it and shared it with my network on Twitter.

The editorial coordinator of the site that published the article found out that I tweeted the article by monitoring for social mentions of the URL.  

You can do this with free tools such as or

Anyhow she got my email through my website's registry and contacted me with the following message:

Hi Alonso, 
I hope this message finds you well. I noticed that you recently tweeted our article on what venture capitalists (VCs) look for in marketing executives. I'm glad you enjoyed the article and appreciate you sharing the piece with your followers. 
I'm wondering if you'd be interested in posting a short write-up about it on your blog. For reference, here's the link to the article again:
Let me know what you think!  

I just wanted to share this with you because I thought this to be a great example of a leveraging a public social network such as Twitter for link building efforts -- which is great way to help your content rank higher in the search results.

Will I write-up about this article on my blog? 



Because Aundraya contacted me on time about an article that I signaled liking by sharing it with my network and still fresh in my mind.