Why Inbound Marketing Isn't a Should

Inbound Marketing is a new term being used to encompass the use of modern marketing practices like SEO, social media and content marketing to help get your business found and followed to drive sales.

However there are some businesses that are not getting their return of investment from spending time and resources in inbound marketing. What's wrong?

The Problem with Inbound Marketing

Industry stats point to inbound marketing as a "must do" for businesses to stay competitive in the digital era.  People hate to be interrupted by traditional marketing practices and now they have more ways to block you or ignored you.

The problem with inbound marketing is not its mechanics but it is the mindset of how some businesses approach it.  e.g. "We should blog more often", "We should create more white papers", "We should start nurturing our leads" -- and never get to it or in a consistent basis.

Does this sound like you? ....then keep reading

"80% of success in anything is psychology and 20% is mechanics"~Anthony Robbins

The fire that powers inbound marketing programs is content, and businesses who are getting their return of investment are creating lots of it.

Yes they may have more resources than you do, but the real secret is that this businesses have successfully established an inbound marketing routine that doesn't gets put aside by anything.

The Inbound Marketing Breakthrough

If you approach inbound marketing to win, by sticking to a routine of creating great content, setting up landing pages, updating your social profiles, etc -- it just gets easier the more you do it.

Now here is the thing, once you start getting real results affecting the bottom line of your business, some of those task that may have seen exhausting at some point, will be the things that wake you up early each morning or keep you awake late at night.

"Once you feel this kind of vitality in your body, you never wanna go back" ~Anthony Robbins