How These Real Estate Pros Are Having Fun Doing Content Marketing

Lloyd Ball (Left) and Sasha O'Leary (Right) during a GeekPeek Episode at Zillow's HQ

Content marketing is great opportunity for businesses to attract and retain customers. However many are still struggling with producing enough content to get a real taste of the benefits of their content marketing efforts. 

This is why I wanted to share with you how these two real estate pros from Seattle, WA are having fun doing content marketing. +Sasha O'leary and +Lloyd Ball are in the commercial real estate business and they are huge about networking and giving back to the community. Something that caught my attention was their new show GeekPeek TV.

GeekPeek TV is very similar to MTV Cribs, but instead of visiting celebrities' homes, these two real estate pros are visiting the coolest office spaces in the Greater Seattle area every week. 

Not only is their show entertaining, but after talking to them about it, you can tell they're having a blast producing every single episode. 

Here is one of my favorite episodes so far:

Now the take away here is that Sasha and Lloyd not only are publishing great content, but they have found something they can consistently do and ultimately that's the KEY to sealing the deal to rock your content marketing strategy.

According to a recent research study, both B2B and B2C marketers are still struggling with the effectiveness of their content marketing. This is because content marketing is not a task but a habit that needs to be built in your organization. Tweet this!

GeekPeek TV is noteworthy because these two pros have found a way to continue giving back to the community while growing their business with a great content marketing strategy that truly merits a round of applause.

I hope you find these article helpful and remember to think globally, act locally and be creative! There are many other ways businesses are engaging in content marketing,