Why Social Media is Overrated

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Here is a great story - Digital Marketing Agency Confluence Digital Sponsors Cyclocross Team 

I have spent almost the past three years of my life living and breathing social media. Now I finally have a clear mental picture of how everything fits together, and you know what? Social media is overrated.

Despite many new businesses adopting social media as part of their marketing strategy, most have no idea of how to use it. Social Media is not about building followers, is not about creating brand awareness, is not about creating loyalty - these things are just the aftermath of taking AMAZING care of your business's most important asset which is the PEOPLE who keep your business running!

This is why despite the many self-proclaimed social media experts and gurus, there is only a few who have earned my respect; people like Chris Brogan and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Now this is funny, but today the most 'fulfilling' and 'successful' online communities I manage in my life - have no strategy, no best practices, but have one VERY IMPORTANT THING - a passionate community manager and content creator who LOVES to tell stories.

It is incredible how one can be way more efficient in delivering results when you write, take pictures, and produce videos 'with your heart' - meaningful content you can't wait to share with your community. Not only social media just works and delivers real results but you can achieve all of that 'not working' but 'living and feeling' the spirit of an empowered community. Now that's not a job, but an experience that will make you wake up early in the morning and keep your business/organization growing.

The first time I had to use social as part of a marketing initiative I had to open the doors of my life (yes including the ups and downs) with many across the nation.  This wasn't easy and I had to get out my bubble, but you know what? It worked. Why? Because I communicated with all my supporters from my heart.

You would think I would learn from that experience to keep replicating my success in the future, but truth is - I got stuck. I got lost in the world of social media best practices. Things like when to post for highest performance, how to find influencers, social analytics, etc. These are very useful to optimize your efforts online, but they are worth 'nothing' without a story worth telling and a passionate voice behind it, something I forgot about by spreading myself to thin into the many different positions of social media marketing.

Want something worth tweeting? -> Tweet This

Social media gets too much credit these days, when the fire is really 'The Story' that empowers, 'The Story' that inspires, and 'The Story' that motivates people to engage and connect online and offline.

With this I leave you with one of my latest productions, a quick snapshot of the story of one community I am very passionate about - my soccer team.