First Facebook Sponsored Update I Click On

I'm a big preacher that social media was made to tell stories and not to sell things. Ideally the best way to deliver results on social is as the aftermath of telling a good story and connecting with people on a deeper level. A connection that will be the 'X' factor that drives people to buy from you instead of the competition during the 'Thank You' economy.

Social sites like Facebook and Google+ were made to connect with people emotionally not promotionally(Click here to tweet this)

Today I saw a sponsored story by Expedia. To be honest I usually don't click on these by default because I browse through my Facebook's feed to stay in touch with people not with brands (plus I could care less if one of my friends liked Expedia or not on Facebook). However after scanning over the featured related post below I couldn't help to play the video to see what this was all about.

After watching the video, not only I thought it was a well delivered story but the length was perfect to not feel like I was procrastinating and spending too much time entertaining myself.

Yes what can I say, I am an efficiency freak and I think about this stuff haha. 

Now what does this mean for Expedia. Well 'today' it means that if I am thinking of traveling, the first site that may pop up in my head will be them. Notice I said 'today' because social media is not something you do once and you're done, but a long term campaign where stories like this should continue popping up once in a while to keep the fans engaged and aware of your brand. 

Now here is the video that made me write this post.