Hi! I'm Alonso

A life and business strategist committed to your success.

I do this through my job, my podcast, my blog, and one on one interactions.

At a top sales training company, I help transform people’s careers by improving their selling and sales management skills.

In this blog and podcast, I aim to learn and help others close the gap between where they're and where they want to be.

I believe that if you want to achieve sustainable peak performance, you must be mindful, balance your energy, and practice what you learn.


beyond the surface podcast art

Beyond the Surface Podcast™ 

Beyond the Surface is a Seattle-based personal and professional development audio program that I host monthly.

I meet with local experts and very accomplished professionals from different industries to explore their career journey and search for habits, tools, and tactics that my listeners can use to improve their lives.

Beyond the Surface is the first media program in the Northwest to commit to a 50-50 gender balance for guests.


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I got to interview this up and coming rockstar. He is full of energy, brains and every time I’m around him he lifts you up. Great person to have in your world!
— Jenni Hogan, Emmy award winning journalist, lifestyle expert and entrepreneur
Jenni Hogan