Meeting LinkedIn Guru Lewis Howes

meeting linkedin guru lewis howes

In December last year I was invited by +Derek Halpern from Social Triggers to a meetup in Seattle he was co-hosting with a couple of his friends. There I had the privilege to meet +Lewis Howes.

About Lewis Howes

Lewis is a former professional athlete who became a successful online entrepreneur, and a contributor at +Forbes and after an unfortunate career ending injury - which he made fortunate in his case :)

Here is a video by +Behind the Brand with +Bryan Elliott (one of my favorite interviewers) where Lewis shares more about his story.

Anyhow when I first met Lewis I didn't know anything about him, but considering he was co-hosting the meetup with Derek Halpern, I had a feeling that he was a person I could not miss meeting and a great opportunity to execute on Derek's article about How to Become Business Famous haha -- and I was big time right!

I told Lewis I was going to write about him and share his story with my network if I liked his work, so here is me following up on that including the picture above that captured the moment.

School of Greatness

Eighteen days later after meeting Lewis he started a private group on Facebook that I joined called the School of Greatness which is all about improving in business and life. So far I really liked the tone of the conversations there and finding it to be a great new spot to interact online and expand my network.

LinkedIn Profile Tips

Lewis preaches that LinkedIn is the best place to build a professional quality network and get leads for your business.  Here are some of his Top LinkedIn Marketing Tips that I found helpful:

  • In the header and the intro of your profile make sure to tell people in the least amount of words who you are, who do you help and how do you help them.
  • Make sure to use the right keywords to position yourself to get found when people look for you or what you do. The five most relevant sections in your profile to place your target keywords are the header, your current and past work experience, your summary and your specialties.

  • Not a tip, but a great "FYI". LinkedIn applications and Linked events are no longer supported. I never used any of them but looks like Lewis was, so some of his tips are no longer relevant.
  • OK this one right here is why I think Lewis lives up to his Linked Guru title. LinkedIn groups are a great way to position yourself as an industry leader. Lewis started a LinkedIn group call the Sports Industry Network that has now over 104 thousand members! Lewis shares that groups have been an extremely powerful tool to refer traffic to his target sites.

About Business Networking

Networking offline and online is not a business tactic for me but a way of living my life. I'm very thankful for all the people that I meet and get to know better in a regular basis and I hope this post inspires you to network more often. Talk to me @alonsochehade if you live in (or by) Seattle and I will be happy to point you to some upcoming quality networking events ;)

If you have any out of the box LinkedIn tips that people stopping by this post could benefit from, I would love to hear about them in the comments below.