Being Thankful 3-Month Challenge (2/3)

Thank you

Every time I get a chance I remind people to be thankful and focus their energy and thoughts in what "they have instead of what they don't have.  Here is part two of my 3-month challenge of being thankful I started last month.

1 03/01/2012 Thankful for a great practice with my soccer team.

2 03/02/2012 Thankful for wrapping up my first eBook about Social Media.

03/03/2012 Thankful for having the opportunity to see amazing speakers at Social Media Day.

4 03/04/2012 Thankful for getting a ride to my soccer game from one of my teammates.

5 03/05/2012 Thankful for a new week at Confluence Digital.

6 03/06/2012 Thankful discovery an awesome Thai restaurant by new office.

7 03/07/2012 Thankful for the great feedback on my new eBook "Inbound Networking 2.0"

8 03/08/2012 Thankful for my lil sister passing the COMPASS test

9 03/09/2012 Thankful for an amazing view of Seattle under clear sky.

10 03/10/2012 Thankful for a fun night with quality company.

11 03/11/2012 Thankful for a productive session with singer-songwriter Diego Portillo.

12 03/12/2012 Thankful for catching up with a friend.

13 03/13/2012 Thankful for getting my car back from the mechanic.

14 03/14/2012 Thankful for getting invited to attend WTIA IAA Awards.

15 03/15/2012 Thankful for something but forgot to write it down haha

16 03/16/2012 Thankful for same excuse as above, no judging ;)

17 03/17/2012 Thankful for a fun St. Patrick's Day

18 03/18/2012 Thankful for a relaxing Sunday

19 03/19/2012 Thankful for another week at Confluence Digital

20 03/20/2012 Thankful for attending Social Media Club Seattle for the first time!

21 03/21/2012 Thankful for getting my first social media speaking engagement

22 03/22/2012 Thankful for attending my first Google Places networking event

23 03/23/2012 Thankful for meeting up with friend I haven't seen in a long time

24 03/24/2012 Thankful for some overdue quality time with my mother

25 03/25/2012 Thankful for a relaxing day with my family

26 03/26/2012 Thankful for speaking at the Foster School of Business about Social Media.

27 03/27/2012 Thankful for people sharing my new eBook online.

28 03/28/2012 Thankful for a productive day at work.

29 03/29/2012 Thankful for the commitment of my soccer team to practice even when raining

30 03/30/2012 Thankful for the health of all my family

31 03/31/2012 Thankful for the release of Steelo's new music video