Can Being Thankful Become A Trend?

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Photo Credit: mtsofan

On June of last year I completed a 30 day challenge of being thankful.  It was rewarding to take some time of each of those days and write one thing I was thankful for while listening to my own breathing.

On New Year's I thought to myself about doing this again but now for 3 months in a row, and I remembered today just in time to get started this month :)

But here is something I just thought about! Wouldn't it be cool to start a trend and getting other bloggers to do the same? YES, being thankful MADNESS. Why not?

OK, so here is the deal....

I invite you to join me starting THIS month on a 3-month challenge of being thankful.  At the end of each month, when you have all your "I am thankful for" entries put together on a blog post like the one I did last year, drop me a link of it in the comments below.

Will this work? I don't know, but Why not?  Join me and I will feature you in my next thankful for series post, and if the momentum adds up, it should be a fun one to put together :)

Twitter Hashtag: #thankfulfor3months