Being Thankful 3-Month Challenge (1/3)

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This is the follow up to my thankful challenge post last month. You can check it out here and find out what this is all about.

01 Thankful for my first day as a full time social media specialist and my new teammate helping me to continue and move to the next phase my success coaching for teens business :)

02 Thankful for finalizing plans for my 25th birthday!

03 Thankful for a fun evening at Project Red Dress Seattle with a good friend.

04 Thankful for a sunny day in Seattle, the extra attention for my 24.95th birthday during lunch lol, and a fun soccer practice.

05 Thankful for watching a great Super Bowl match with amazing tasting food with the family.

06 Thankful for being a member at Costco and saving money by buying at amazing prices :)

07 Thankful for a new workout and a new diet as a new soccer season with an amazing team begins.

08 Thankful for bringing my laptop back from death. Need to get a new one soon!

09 Thankful for the birthday card one of my attorneys sent me today :)

10 Thankful for my friend's Diego Portillo's performance in Edmonds. The guy has legit talent and I am looking forward for Seattle to find out about him.

11 Thankful for my first time in the Space Needle! I considered this my final inauguration of being a Seattlelite! Awesome event, awesome people, if you haven't been to Seattle yet, book a ticket now ;)

12 Thankful for my lil sister being possessed by an angel and making dinner for me.

13 Thankful for learning and sharing mad networking tips from one of Seattle's best.

14 Thankful for the early access to a new content planning platform in the works by friends.

15 Thankful for being able to make it to my friend's birthday.

16- 20 Thankful for an amazing weekend with an amazing woman.

21 Thankful for finding parking so fast by my new office and Pho right next to it!

22 Thankful for a fun visit from Japan and exchanging business cards with both hands.

23-24 Missed adding my thankful entries during these 2 days. Nobody is perfect haha.

25 Thankful for the amazing service and food at Barrio Mexican Kitchen & Bar in Capitol Hill.

26 Thankful for a business meeting with a motivated person.

27 Thankful for finding a new workout plan at

28 Thankful for my soccer team not quitting conditioning despite the heavy rain.

29 Thankful for being close to wrapping up my first eBook on social media.

Thankful Others in February!