The 30 days of Being Thankful Challenge

Inspired by a post on a 30 day challenge of being thankful by Matt Cutts, the head of Google's Webspam team, I decided to take the challenge myself. I worked on this post for 30 days and here is my report!
Alonso Chehade Thankful
1 05/03/2011 Thankful for finding parking right after arriving to my tutoring session.

2 05/04/2011 Thankful for having a plato of carne asada at Laredos Grill with my digital marketing teammates at Confluence Digital in a sunny day!

3 05/05/2011 Thankful for getting dinner from my student's mom at one of my late evening tutoring sessions. It was just on time for the hungry belly.

4 05/06/2011 Thankful for having the opportunity to talk about Dreamers and social media at CNN en EspaƱol.

5 05/07/2011 Thankful for a sunny day in Seattle

6 05/08/2011 Thankful for the good times on Mother's day with the family

7 05/09/2011 Thankful for another week of working and learning digital marketing

8 05/10/2011 Thankful for catching up with my friend Luis over lunch

9 05/11/2011 Thankful for the free donut holes at QFC while I was waiting for my sandwich

10 05/12/2011 Thankful for running Green Lake with my girlfriend under the sun.

11 05/13/2011 Thankful for getting a bonus at my job today

12 05/14/2011 Thankful for playing soccer again after a long time

13 05/15/2011 Thankful for having a good night sleep

14 05/16/2011 Thankful for finishing the day in peace

15 05/17/2011 Thankful for feeling better and healthier

16 05/18/2011 Thankful for the power of knowledge

17 05/19/2011 Thankful for the new Movie about the Dream Act

18 05/20/2011 Thankful for my new social media gig with Immigrant Rights at

19 05/21/2011 Thankful for spending quality time with my little sister

20 05/22/2011 Thankful for having a good time watching Pirates of the Caribbean

21 05/23/2011 Thankful for a good workout at the gym

22 05/24/2011 Thankful for having lunch with my friend Karol at Global Justice Law Group

23 05/25/2011 Thankful for a well executed grocery shopping

24 05/26/2011 Thankful for the great feedback from my student's parents

25 05/27/2011 Thankful for being healthy

26 05/28/2011 Thankful for Belltown Pub's help to throw my girlfriend a birthday party

27 05/29/2011 Thankful for my site getting an upgrade

28 05/30/2011 Thankful for a relaxing day and great food

29 05/31/2011 Thankful for a great summer approaching

30 06/01/2011 Thankful for my career development

Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks