How to Get Marketing and Sales to Work Together

The least thing you want on your plate is to deal with an ineffective operation where sales and marketing are pointing at each other for the lack of results.

Sales and marketing perform better when they work together. Three things sales and marketing can do to work closer and better today include:

3 Data-Driven Tips To Get More B2B Sales Appointments


Let's jump right in on some of the things you can do to set more appointments. I'm going to reverse engineer this a little, and start by highlighting the importance of aligning sales with marketing to make sure you're getting the right kind of leads to set yourself up for success.

The Right Mindset for Social Media Success


Almost every business professional today believes that somehow social media can be an effective tool to help them grow their business. However sometimes it feels like the only reason we participate on social media has to do more with seeing others in the industry doing it, and not as much about the value we are getting out of it.