How To Become a Next Generation Marketer

Let's start with a quick definition of what "Next Generation Marketer" means.

If you walk around today, it is pretty obvious that all of us spent a whole bunch of time looking at our phones, tablets and/or laptops. I mean it's crazy out there...we're all becoming freaking digital zombies.

Watch How These Guys Achieved Celebrity Status 6-Seconds at a Time

If you're looking to grow your Vine following, here are some success traits I spotted from some popular Viners. Keep reading to get a better idea on how to approach this 6-second video platform right.

Creative Marketing Christmas Song by @HubSpot on Vine

As I was browsing through my Vine feed (add me: "alonsochehade"), I couldn't help to notice how HubSpot posted this creative Christmas song in four vines. Posted in reverse so that the first one you see, it's the beginning of the song.